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Madrid DEARTE 2015 Fair

One hundred artists show their works in the city with the best and largest art market in the country. Great figures mingle with emerging artists in this show which already has 14 editions.

New York: Affordable Art Fair

Affordable Art Fair with 50 local and international galleries, an engaging programming schedule of events and of course, captivating contemporary art. Get ready to fall in love with several thousand works of art from September 25-29, 2014 at the Affordable Art Fair New York! Our concept is simple, yet unique: an inspiring and friendly atmosphere in which you can find thousands of original paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs all under one roof, ranging from $100-$10,000, with more than half priced under $5,000. The work of young, emerging artists hangs alongside some of the biggest household names, while our Recent Graduates Exhibition provides a chance to snap up work by a future art world star.


ArtHamptons, the largest art fair on the East End New York, was born into a community hungry for it. The culture of the Hamptons has been formed, in part, by the broad strokes of the Abstract Expressionist movement. Rick Friedman, president of ArtHamptons and an East End resident, became an avid art collector about 10 years ago and was struck by the historical and cultural significance of the area. As his collection grew and his preferences took shape, Friedman noticed that many of America’s most treasured artists had a connection to the Hamptons. “It started to hit home,” said Friedman, “that some of the most famous artists in American history, and certainly of the 20th century, lived in the neighborhood. It was startling to see, and I thought it was really special.” As he collected de[...]